Monday, February 11, 2008

Fish and Chips - please help me!

This is not a post, it is a question to all melbourne residents. I have lived in Melbourne for 5 years now and have NEVER had good fish and chips anywhere! Coming from Sydney where I would often skip uni to go to Coogee beach and eat fish and chips and other fried stuff (known to my friends as 'the trough') or even better fresh oysters and prawns, I often pine for the seaside fish experience.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to St kilda one night, with the sole purpose of getting fish and chips and eating it on the beach. Do you think we could find a fish and chip shop? This is a travesty for a bayside suburb! We ended up eating at Hewys Barney Allen which had some pretty nice fish cakes, ALMOST fish and chips but not quite!

SO, please help me and reccommend the best fish and chippy in Melbourne to a very fish deprived girl!


stickyfingers said...

Oh Ran, most St.Kilda eaters will go to Acland Street to get a serve at Clamms, who also have a shop in Bridport Street, Albert Park. There used to be a fish and chip kiosk on the end of Donovans - on St.K beach - but I think it may have closed.

Right between my house and the beach in Port Melbourne is a fish and chip shop called Hunky Dory in Bay street which does a fine f'n c....and when I'm dieting I can also get a pretty good grilled fish with a decent salad and good steamed rice.

Clarendon Street South Melbourne, near Dorcas street has Fish & Chippers which is a well regarded institution. Or in Chapel Street Windsor near High Street there is the UBER trendy Hooked.

Perhaps you should start a fish and chip review blog? ;-) I'd like to see that!

purple goddess said...

Get thee down to D'Lish Fish in Sorrento for some of the best f$c anywhere.

Also, in Summer, the kiosk at Half Moon Bay in Sandringham(?) is pretty fab, too..

They do a mean tempura batter f&c.

Be sure to report back!

Ran said...

Oh thanks guys! I walked up and down fitzroy street and could not find anything that looked decent but should have tried Acland!

We tried Hooked on Valentines day (yes all i wanted that day was fish and chips, how romantic!) but at 45 bucks for two I thought that was a bit pricey (though we also had oysters)

I have to try these places, though how I am going to lose weight before my wedding (in 5 weeks) is a mystery to me ;) maybe when i get back i can start a fish and chip blog! i love the pie blog!

oh and i think i have tried the place in sorrento pg, but it is a weekend trip thing not a 'oh my god i have a craving' thing.