Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bar Lourhina

Bar Lourhina
Little Collins St

A few weeks ago now, we decided to try our luck on a Friday night at Bar Lourhina. Touted as the Movida alternative, I was surprised at how different the two places are. For starters, we could get in last minute (they don’t take bookings anyway)! It has a real tapas bar vibe, with people there just having drinks from the pretty impressive wine list. We were in the front sofa area for about 10 minutes before we were transferred to the bar, so it wasn’t too painful a wait, plus they had taken our drinks order and we had looked over the menu so it didn’t feel like we were waiting too long. There are also tables, but I think the wait for those were much longer. It was quite noisy in the little room, but had a good vibe, a real Friday night after work kind of vibe.

I was hoping they would be actually preparing tapas in the bar area like they do in Barcelona, but they only prepared the drinks there. Still, the waiters were all very friendly and informative. I don’t remember everything we had now, but the special of baby goat stew was pretty impressive, as was the house made chorizo. The menu is short but the ingredients fresh and put to good use. Nathan didn’t like the olives as they were of the ‘fat’ variety, but I loved them.

The waitress did a very good job talking us out of the churros and into having the panacotta type of dish that had a mixture of candied pistachios and pomegranate over the top, that I am still thinking about. She also talked us into sharing a little glass of black sherry which was pretty amazing.

I was a little surprised at the total bill at the end of the night but I guess with some good wine and sherry the bill adds up. I think the reality of the price of food in general, particularly in restaurants, is finally sinking in, which I don’t have a problem with (as the cost of producing and transporting food has risen) but still surprises me every now and then.

A definitely recommended place, especially if you want a nice Friday night venue for drinks and food with friends.


purple goddess said...

Hi Ran.

My reply is going to have NOTHING to do with your post, but I didn't know where else to put it.. as to our conversation on mine and other blogs, I looked for the SOLE butcher's card last night.. sorry to say I couldn't find it.. but it's in Brice Avenue, Mooroolbark, and they are the only butcher outside Daylesford doing Bullboars (That I know of.) They featured a stall at Slow Foods this year, which is where I found them.

There is Macro organics store at The Glen, if you're big on the whole organic thing.. and that's not too far a drive from you.

There's also Applemint Organic Farm in The Patch, you could Google for their number and phone them to see if they do farm gate sales.

Kalista Market used to have some good produce, but it's been a while since I was there, it's on the 1st Sat of the month

Hippir Haven in Tecoma also stocks plenty of great take-away organic/vegetarian/vegan food, too.

Let me know how it pans out!

Ran said...

thanks PG, I have SO many places to try now! the trick now is to combine them with my other necessary car trips so that i dont burn too much CO2

thanh7580 said...

Hi Ran, that panacotta with the pistachio is utterly amazing. I still remember that dish too, having been there over a year ago.

Ran said...

Than - I want to recreate it but am not sure how! I think it had pomegrante molasses in the pannacotta and on top?

thanh7580 said...

Ran, from my memory and the photo I took at the time, I think the panna cotta was infused with pomegranite flavour. It then had pistachio covered in caramel on top, along with fresh pomegranite kernels. Hope that helps you.