Sunday, April 5, 2009

Announcing the arrival of our first born pumpkin!

Born 4th april
weight 7.5kg
variety unknown (Diggers variety heirloom seed pack)

So, my qustion to you is... what do I do with it?! It is too big for much other than soup i am thinking...

And for pumpkin birthing pros - do i have to age it or harden it or something before i can eat it/ store it?


Scarecrow said...

Hi Ran
I followed you from a comment on Cosmic's blog.
Congratulations on your is a Blue Hubbard Squash/Pumpkin.
It's said to have a very hard skin and is therefore a good keeper. You could eat it straight away (if you haven't already) and leaving pumpkins in the sun for a few days (but out of any frost) will toughen the skin even more for storage.
Mashed pumpkin can be used in cakes and scones. I pulp them up and freeze it for later in the year.
There's a recipe on this page from Jackie French. I use this recipe to make muffins and rock cakes too.

Ran said...

thanks scarecrow. its skin is hard and we have a fair few of them! not sure where i will store them and my freezer is so full already. i need to convince hubbie we need a new freezer so i can store more of my produce