Monday, November 12, 2007

The evil possums of the dandenongs

Ok, so maybe some of you might think this is cute, having mum and bub hanging out on our deck. Let me tell you, these possums are evil! They seem to be getting worse too. First we evicted them from our roof, then they crawled all over our roof and deck all night, and now they have moved onto something entirely worse...

My herbs! I decided to grow some of the essentials in pots until we sort out a proper garden. The very first night they ate my parsley. The next night they started on the basil. It took them a few days to finish off the mint. I have decided they didnt even like the mint, they are just paying us back for evicting them from the roof.

There are two more incidents that go on my list of grievances. They jump on my deck chairs, which i store on their sides so the possums cant pee on them. There is no reason to jump on my brand new deck chairs, they are just having fun. They have also started jumping on the car we park outside and peeing all over it. I am sure there is no food on the car, so why are they on it? A neighbour of ours has his lemon tree decimated by the possums - they eat the rind and leave the insides hanging of the trees!

So we have decided that the only option is to put up an electric fence around the deck. Sounds a bit extreme but that is the point we are currently at. And then we are going to have to fence around a vegie patch. I love the mountains, but i do NOT like the possums. This is some of the wildlife I do like...


Anonymous said...

Hey a possum, what's that they look strange. We don't have these in Tottenham, London, well as far as I know anyway. They look pretty scary to me!!!



Do you have any other strange looking animals in Australia? If so post some on your website so I can have a look please, Cheers.

Ran said...

possums are native aussie animals that are protected despite living in peoples roofs, trees, backyards and decks and being absolute pests. the one in my photo is a brushtail and they are the biggest (and can take on dogs), though there are nicer looking ones such as the ringtails. If I see any other strange animals I will post them - some friends nearby occasionally get kangaroos but we havent seen one yet