Monday, November 19, 2007

The strangest felafel in Australia?

Obviously I forgot to take a photo until I was a quarter of the way through. Mum and I were shopping on Sydney road, Brunswick, when the lunch grumbles started. Mum suggested we get a felafel seeing as there were a few arabic shops in the area (in brunswick? no!!). I have to admit I dont normally buy felafels as my mums are so good that everything else is a dissapointment. Would you believe we couldnt find a felafel inside pita bread anywhere??? I mean seriously of all the places in Melbourne to satisfy a felafel craving you would think it would be here right?
In dispair we were about to give up when we passed an arabic grocer store that also had a cafe. But felafel in pita?
'Oh no it comes on pita fresh baked in the oven. Very nice'
So shrugging our shoulders and thinking how untraditional it was we took his advice. We watched hungrily as he rolled out some dough, crumbled felafel mix - unfried! onto the dough and added tomato, olives, capsicum and olives. Into a woodfired oven it went. To finish it off he sprinkled pickled turnip and a yoghurt sauce.
And the result? OhmygodsogoodIcantpossiblyfinishitohonemorebiteohitsallgone!
Its nice when arabic cuisine can suprise you in a good way!


neil said...

A felafel pizza! That looks amazing, seems the Italians don't have everything there own way.

linda said...

That looks wonderful! I saw your comment about labneh on the Simple Green Frugal, etc. blog. I am also Arabic so its nice to come across others who are blogging! Especially about food!