Saturday, November 17, 2007

Morroccan Chicken

Another weeknight BBQ recipe. Basically, marinate some chicken breast pieces in olive oil, garlic, chilli, cayene pepper, cumin, corriander, ground ginger, salt, pepper and lemon for as long as you can. Then BBQ!
I served it with a morrocan inspired couscous which included star anise, cardoman, cayene, cumin, corriander, sulatnas and dates, finshed with chopped almonds. A garden salad dressed with red wine vinegar and some yoghurt dip made from yoghurt, garlic, mint and salt.


The Recipe Trotter said...

Ooh, this looks absolutely wonderful! Something to try out soon, I'd say. One question though: does the chicken tend to burn on the BBQ? Thanks!

Ran said...

no the chicken should not burn - maybe you have the heat up too high? and make sure the grill is well oiled. It should only burn if you leave it too long.

The Recipe Trotter said...

We tried it tonight, and it was perfect!