Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Sorry about the lack of posts, life went crazy leading up to Xmas and the New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday season and ate some interesting food. Many intended posts have been left by the wayside but to summarize what has been rocking my boat this month...
1) Marinated white anchovies bought from Ripe, Sassafras. Unbelievably good.
2) All fresh seafood.
3) Mascopone filled figs
4) Lots of salads
5) Tapas style dinner
My family and friends have obviously caught on to my food fetish and I have recently become the owner of
1) Maggie Beers massive cook book
2) 1080 - a collection of spanish recipes, sold in spain for 30 years and finally translated into english
3) Neil perry's Good Food
4) Bill Granger's Holiday
SO far I have tried almost all the tapas recipes in Bill Grangers book. The winner being the fennel and white anchovy salad. Maggie Beers book is so massive I am not sure where to start!
The other interesting thing that has happened to me lately is that 'someone' left my camera in Sydney so I havent been able to take photos of food lately. Luckily, it is on its way to melbourne via a cousin (I hope!)
For Christmas, I made my brother a little recipe book of my easiest and cheapest recipes. He is moving out of home next month and he had me worried during his last living away from home arrangement when he lived on eggs, potatos and cheese! So I think i will put these on eventually - stay tuned! I think i will start with my couscous salad as it is a summer staple here due to its ease and yumminess!

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